First Special Linguistic Summer Program

hosted by the
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft
and co-sponsored by the
Linguistic Society of America

Formal and Functional Linguistics

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
14 July - 3 August 2002

Welcome to the website of the Summer School 2002 on Formal and Functional Linguistics!


A final hello to all of you who might revisit this page. Even though we'll try to keep the page online a little longer, we are going to close down the email address. will not be available much longer. If you do have any more questions, please visit our department's website (link on the left).

Well, first of all, a very happy new year to all of you. And we've got some more pictures online: Georgina sent us tons and you can check some of them out here.

Aug. 27
Franc Marusic also took some great pictures and put them online (not on this server):

Aug. 20
Martin Haase took some pictures during the Summer School which you can look at on his homepage (not on this server):

August 3 and everything after

The courses are over, (most of) the transcripts sent, the office is cleaned up, and things are surprisingly close to normal again. Years of preparation have come to a close, but we think it was worth the while. And we hope that you enjoyed the school just as much as we did, though we also hope it didn't wear you out as much :-)

We will try to keep up the website as long as possible.

For all your future endeavors, be it in the field of linguistics or elsewhere, we wish you all the best!

The Summer School Team

July 29
The papers to most of the student presentations are available from the webpage on student sessions

July 19
We have abstracts for the Special Events now. Please look here and click your way through!

July 17
Guido Seiler and Moritz Neugebauer's papers from last night's student sessions are online now!

Although we had the list for a while already, we only now managed to bring it online: please confer to our books section for a list of publishers who will present their books in the exhibition next week.

July 13
Hubert Haider's course Syntactic Structure of German will not take place during the first week of the Summer School since Herr Haider is ill. The three sessions will be made up during the remaining two weeks.

The room assignments for all courses can now be found in the courses section.

July 12
Finally, the students sessions have been arranged. More detailed information about the order, date, location and content of the presentations can be obtained from the special events webpage.

July 10
There have been a lot of additions to the courses section. Please go there and check the course description of the courses you're taking in order to find out whether there are any manuscripts for downloading. Please download whatever is available in order to avoid jams at the xerox machines when you get here. Thanks!

July 02
There's been an update on how to buy a tram ticket in Germany in the Getting here and away section.

July 02
The opening ceremony, with a plenary paper by Manfred Bierwisch on "Sprachfähigkeit: Struktur, Biologie, Kultur" ("Human linguistic ability; structure, biology, culture") will take place at a special location in the city center and will be followed by a reception.
A free bus service will be provided on this occasion between the university and the location of the ceremony, as well as back to hotels and hostels for those who do not want to explore the extensive Duesseldorf nightlife.
Since this will be a more formal occasion and seats are limited, we would like to ask you to notify us by email if you do NOT wish to participate.

July 02
The focus debate on "Evolution of Language" (Saturday, 20 July, 5 p.m.) will take place at a special off-campus location as well. For this occasion, we will be guests of the "Industrieklub", a prestigious location in the very center of the city. It is the meeting place of the leading industrialists and business leaders of the city and the region.
The last classes on this Saturday will have to be re-arranged. As with the opening ceremony, this will be a more formal occasion. Bus transportation to and from the venue will be provided free of charge. Check the website for details about registration, which is required for this event.
All other Special Events will take place in a lecture hall at the university.

June 25
Prof Tracy Hall has sent us a more detailed syllabus and it's online now.

June 21
We added some files for downloading to the course descriptions of Mark Aronoff and Gerhard Jaeger. Please have a look at the courses section and then click on the name to find the files.

June 21
We are glad to announce that Martine Grice will give a talk on our special event "Intonation"! Mr. Gussenhofen unfortunately wasn't able to come because of conflicting schedules. We also added a map with the location of the "Evolution of Language" event under the section special events.

June 19
Many have asked how they can get to the university and what to do on arrival. We finally have the link up and running! Please have a look at "Getting here and away".

June 12
We are proud to announce that we are able to make you another special offer: the Roncalli's Apollo Variete offers a discount exclusively for Summer School students. Please have a look at the link on the left!

June 11
There have been additions to the course descriptions of Mr. Aronoff and Mr. Verschueren's courses. If you signed for credit in one of these courses, please have a look at the "Courses" section.

June 05
There has been a change in the language courses: the course "Language and Culture" that was planned to take place before the Summer School cannot be offered (C1 and C2). Everyone who has signed up for the course so far should have been notified already. But please note that the other courses are still available.

May 29
One more course has reached its capacity limit and has therefore been closed: Psycholinguistics by Peter Indefrey.
Also, the opera package is sold out. Thanks for you interest!

May 27
Thank you for the overwhelming response to our student sessions! Although no decision on who will present their papers has been made yet, we've decided to have an additional session in order to accommodate more presentations. The meeting is set for Tuesday, July-16.

May 24
Another course is getting full: April McMahon's "Approaches to Language Change" is full for auditors. Students who'd like to take the course for credit are still welcome.

May 21
Many of you have asked us about the dorm situation. Those who by now have booked a dorm and already payed for accommodation are guaranteed a room. Those of you who have signed up for a dorm and have not payed yet should hurry up! There are only a few more places in the dorms and it's still on a first come (i.e. pay) - first served basis. The others will be put on a waiting list, as will those who sign up for accommodation on the registration form from today on. We are still working on expanding our capacities and will notify you as soon as we know more.

As for the courses: the courses by Mark Aronoff (Morphology), Judith Aissen & Joan Bresnan (OT and Typology) and Marianne Mithun (Field Methods) have reached their capacity limit and have therefore been taken off the registration form. However, we've set up waiting lists. If you want to be put on such a list, please sent us an email indicating the course and your name. If someone cancels the course you might then be able to take his/her place.

May 14
When doing the wire-transfers, please make sure that you include the name of the person you are paying for! It happened a number of times that only the name of the sender showed on our bank account which is not necessarily the name of the person who registered for our program. This then leads to a delay in confirmation since we are unable to process transfers by unkown people. Thanks for your help.

May 08
Our email client crashed today erasing a number of emails. Unfortunately, we are not able to retrieve the lost messages. If you have sent us an email recently we would kindly ask you to resend it if we have not gotten back to you by the end of next week.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding.

May 07
We are proud to offer you another special: on Thursday, July 18, there will be a guided tour through the German Opera in Duesseldorf, including a performance of Puccini's Tosca. Tickets are very limited, so please have a look at the opera section of our website.

Due to high demand for accommodation in student dormitories, we are reaching the limits of our capacities. We've set up a waiting list for those of you who still want to sign up for the dorms, but we can't guarantee that we'll be able to provide you with a room. We will notify you as soon as we have the exact numbers. Please note that there are still some places available in guest families.

Also, some courses are getting really full. Although we are glad about the high interest in our program this also means that some of you might not be able to get into the courses you required. As stated on the registration form, those who have already transfered their registration fees will be the first to get a place. Please check our courses section for the latest developments.


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