Kurs Fragebogendesign in Ljubljana

Hier geht es um die Kurse und Themen des Masterstudiengangs Sozialwissenschaften.

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Kurs Fragebogendesign in Ljubljana

Beitrag von Hartmann » 4. April 2007, 10:26

Please feel free to circulate this announcement to your students or any
persons who might be interested. We apologize for any cross-postings!

Within the 40 places in total, for excellent applications up to 20
funded places (including travell costs) are available!

Brina Malnar and Kathrin Wohn

Course Content:
The course discusses questionnaire design and implementation within a
framework of survey process quality monitoring and thus includes
consideration of documentation and quality monitoring. The topics
covered include question development for substantive and background
variables, issues of adaptation and various kinds of harmonization as
these relate to design and translation, multi-lingual implementation of
response categories, as well as the general principles of organizing and
implementing translation efforts. Examples will be drawn from the ESS,
the ISSP and other well-known cross-national surveys. Exercises and
opportunities for discussion are included.
The course instructor is Professor Dr Janet Harkness, Director of the
Survey Research and Methodology Program at the University of
Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) and the UNL Gallup Research Center, and Senior
Scientist at ZUMA, Mannheim, Germany. Professor Harkness is an
acknowledged expert on comparative survey methodology.

For more detailed information please visit

PS: Please don't hesitate to contact us for further questions:
Brina Malnar: brina.malnar@fdv.uni-lj.si
Kathrin Wohn: wohn@zuma-mannheim.de