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Tipps (ex negativo) für eine akademische Karriere

Verfasst: 29. April 2013, 16:18
von mahrt
Robert J. Sternberg (2013, 29. April). Self-sabotage in the academic career. 15 ways in which faculty members harm their own futures, often without knowing it. The Chronicle of Higher Education. ... _medium=en

Ein paar der Hinweise sind vermutlich speziell im amerikanischen System relevant, ein paar andere aber weit darüber hinaus, z.B.:

"In any academic career, the question is not whether you are going to have failures; the question is what you are going to do when you fail."

"No one person or committee can be relied on to give you definitive career advice. In the end, you need to seek out multiple sources of advice, sort the good from the bad, and take responsibility for your own career development."