Henkel Innovation Challenge

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Henkel Innovation Challenge

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Dear Students,

Henkel is very happy to announce that for the second time it will be running its highly successful international campus game to find the most innovative minds starting in September 2008.

"The Henkel Innovation Challenge"

This year’s theme is:

Vision 2050: Take a Henkel brand into the future
Be the Business Development manager of Henkel and explain your creative ideas in a 120-second video!

Participating countries:
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy,
the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey

Registration (deadline 12th January 2009):
Register in teams of at most 3 or sign up alone and search for teammates in your country.


In round one, project teams upload a 120 second video on to the Henkel Innovation Challenge homepage. The top 10 teams in each country are selected to present their innovative business ideas to a top management team from Henkel. One winning team will be chosen from each country and additionally a 12th team will be selected for the finals by the public via internet voting. During the 2nd and 3rd rounds all teams are supported by a Henkel mentor.
These 12 teams will present their projects in front of an international Henkel Top Management Team in the Finals in Brussels which will take place in the extravagant Atomium.

Your benefits:
•    Get to know Henkel as one of the leading international companies in the consumer goods industry (FMCG)
•    Meet Henkel Top Management
•    Meet international high potential students
•    Enlarge your business network
•    Participate in a fun game focused on creativity and innovation
•    Present to a curious audience in the Atomium in the European capital Brussels
•    Meet the CEO of Henkel in a one day exclusive event
•    Win a trip to the Caribbean

Stretch your imagination! Go beyond your limits! Don’t stop at your horizons! Use your visionary entrepreneurship! If you are ambitious and imaginative and would like to compete against other top students from around Europe the Henkel Innovation Challenge is for you!
For more information check out our website and the attachment:


Vision 2050: Take a Henkel brand into the future!

www.henkelchallenge.com - A new international campus game for students