Title / Titel:

Government Activities in Social Media. An Empirical Investigation of eGovernments in Informational World Cities

Author / Autor:

Sarah Hartmann, Agnes Mainka & Isabella Peters

Source / Quelle:

In Proceedings of CeDEM the International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government , Krems, Austria (pp. 173-186).

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English / Englisch

Government Activities in Social Media
An Empirical Investigation of eGovernments in Informational World Cities.

EGovernment is an important aspect of the development of Informational World Cities, i.e. prototypical cities of the knowledge society (such as Singapore, Seoul, or Hong Kong). Government 2.0 is a generic term and describes government activities which are built on technology and social media services. But which social media services are really used by governments? An empirical investigation of 31 Informational World Cities shows which platform is popular among users and cities for government-user-interaction.

Keywords: Government 2.0, eGovernment, knowledge society, digital infrastructure, Informational World City, Web 2.0, social web