Lectures/Publications (english):

  • Presentation: Kosubek, Tanja/Barz, Heiner: Every child its own voice. Scientific Study 2010 (download)
  • Anja Kirberg (2009). Blended learning class (download)
  • Blended learning class "Sociology of Education International": Teach local, learn global (download poster)
  • Abstract of: Barz, Heiner/Randoll, Dirk (Hrsg.) (2007): Absolventen von Waldorfschulen. Eine empirische Studie zu Bildung und Lebensgestaltung. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag (download abstract)
  • ESREA-Conference: "Wider Benefits of Learning". Barz, Heiner/Tippelt, Rudolf: Learning and Education in the Context of Social Milieus - The Risks and Benefits of social and cultural capital (download manuscript) 
  • Barz, Heiner / Tippelt, Rudolf / Weiland, Meike (2001): Learning and education in the context of social milieus - The risks and benefits of social and cultural capital. In: European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA) (Ed.): Wider Benefits of Learning: Understanding and Monitoring the Consequences of adult learning. Lissabon: Xàtiva (Universidade Lusófona). S. 193-201.
  • Barz, Heiner / Tippelt, Rudolf (1998): The Influence of Social Milieus on Attitudes and Activities of Women in Lifelong Learning. In: Alheit, Peter / Kammler, Eva (Hrsg.): Lifelong Learning and its Impact on Social and Regional Development. Contributions to the First European Conference on Lifelong Learning. Bremen, 3.-5. October 1996. S. 527-546