Comparing Frame-Theories

Comparing Frame-Theories: Models, Domains of Application, Methods Interdisciplinary Workshop at the Heinrich-Heine-Universität

 The concept of frame has been modified and applied in very different contexts since its introduction by Minsky (1975) and Fillmore (1968, 1975). This interdisciplinary workshop aims at introducing and scrutinizing the variety of ways the notion of frame has been discussed and made use of in diverse disciplines such as cognitive sciences, linguistics, artificial intelligence, philosophy or media and communication sciences. In the context of a unified theory of frames that is currently developed in the CRC 991 on the basis of Barsalou (1992 their similarities and differences will be discussed.
The workshop brings together researchers from different areas and traditions. It is subdivided into three thematic sections. The first section focuses on different frame-models, i.e. different ways frames are defined on a structural as well as on an ontological level, e.g. as cultural entities, cognitive entities or texts. The second section will be concerned with the application of frames in different areas and their specific requirements for frame-models. In the third section methodological questions on how frames can be operationalized will be discussed, e.g., an inductive approach in contrast to a deductive approach.

Date: 27./28. Februar 2013

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