CRC 991

B Projects: Dynamic Frames in Language and Science

While the projects of area A deal with foundational issues of frame theory, the projects of area B contribute exploratory work on the nature of frames in a broad range of scientific fields such as linguistics, psychiatry, law, neurology and philosophy. One uniting aspect of this area is the relevance of causal, temporal and aspectual information in the concepts they are dealing with. Several projects are in particular concerned with event frames, event modification, and the representation of temporal dynamics and change of state.

Ongoing Projects:

B01: Verb frames at the syntax-semantics interface

Head of the project: Prof. Dr. Robert D. Van Valin jr.

B03: Neural representation of action-related concepts

Heads of the project: Dr. Katja Biermann-RubenProf. Dr. Alfons Schnitzler

B08: Hierarchical frame induction via probabilistic models

Heads of the project:  Prof. Dr. Laura Kallmeyer

B09: Modifiers as a probe into the frame structure of events

Heads of the project:  Prof. Dr. Sebastian Löbner, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Wiebke Petersen

Completed Projects:

B02: Dimensional verbs

Heads of the project: Prof. Dr. Sebastian LöbnerProf. Dr. Hans Geisler

B04: A frame-theoretic investigation of unification and reduction in scientific theories

Head of the project: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schurz

B05: A frame analysis of German legal terms

Head of the project: Prof. Dr. Dietrich Busse

B06: Frames in psychiatric classification

Heads of the project: Prof. Dr. med. Jürgen ZielasekProf. Dr. Gottfried Vosgerau