CRC 991

A Projects: general aspects of a theory of frames

This area of the CRC addresses foundational issues concerning frames. The topics of the projects range from formal properties of frames and frame composition to the grounding of frames in basic sensory-motor representations, the activation of frames and particular frame attributes in language production and comprehension, the history of the notion of frames in philosophy, and the role of frames in the representation of scientific theories.

Ongoing Projects:

A01: Mathematical modeling of frames 

Head of the project: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Wiebke Petersen

A02: Argument linking and extended locality. A frame-based implementation.

Head of the project: Prof. Dr. Laura Kallmeyer

A04: Accessing conceptual information in language production and comprehension

Head of the project: Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Indefrey

A05: Presuppositions of frame theory in the history of philosophy

Head of the project: Prof. Dr. Christoph Kann

A06: Logic and ontology of the cognitive representation of theories: Frames, sentences and models in comparison

Head of the project: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schurz

Completed Projects:

A03: Grounded cognition: Causal indexicals and affordances in frames

Head of the project: Prof. Dr. Gottfried Vosgerau