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Bureaucracy in the Age of Governance

The book project, conducted at the University of Duesseldorf, is concerned with the administrative response to the “governance turn” in public policy making. Across social sciences, it is widely accepted that political decision-making has expanded beyond the state. Conversely, the execution of policies remains firmly organised and legitimised within the boundaries of the state. The resulting mismatch between supranational policy-formulation and national policy-execution suggests fundamental consequences. Either have public administrations informally adapted to new demands and therefore changed core aspects of their bureaucratic practices; or they have not adapted and remain in large parts incapable of meeting the changed needs of governance beyond the state. Despite the essential role bureaucracy has for the functioning and legitimacy of policy-making, the implications associated with the rise of governance have so far been widely neglected. Against the empirical background of the emerging administrative order that underpins the policy making in the European Union, the project investigates into this question. Concretely, it explores substantive changes in policy coordination which have been promoted from the EU-level in the recent years in order to improve policy implementation on the national, regional and local level.
Recent paper

The administrative system of the European Union

Contribution to the “Palgrave Handbook of the European administrative system”
edited volume by Michael W. Bauer and Jarle Trondal

Administrative Capacity Building in and by the EU

for the Governance Report 2014: Governance capacities of the contemporary state (working title), ed. Kai Wegrich & Martin Loge
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