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Japanische Sängerin für Bandprojekt gesucht!

Die legendäre Band La Düsseldorf soll wieder auferstehen – und dafür wird eine japanische Sängerin gesucht. Hier ist die Ausschreibung, vielleicht kennt ja jemand jemanden:

For the professional restart of the legendary Band LA DÜSSELDORF we are looking for a young talented japanese female singer of around 25 years of age who would like to sing, perform and produce the new music of this famous band.
A graduate degree is nonessential.

I am Hans Lampe – the drummer, sound engineer and producer of the original Band LA DÜSSELDORF and would appreciate it very much if you would like to join our project.

The new music will be produced in a traditional but actual professional modern way with fairlight and synclavier and will rather correspond with the typical style of KRAFTWERK, NEU! and of course LA DÜSSELDORF.

So if you are interested, please let me know and send me your contact details and a photo to the following mail address: