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Freelance Job im Bereich Games

Wir haben ein Angebot für einen Nebenjob als „Scenario Writer“ erhalten, den man von zuhause aus erledigen kann. Hier die Details:

We are looking for romance game scenario writers who write in German. (We are a Japanese game developer, Accela, Inc.). If you interested in it, please send me your CV and a scenario
which you wrote before / something to determine your experience.

・The condition: 30 EURO/1,000 German words
・The estimated volume of the scenario: 40,000–50,000 German words
・Delivery: Scenario writing and background, filling in facial expressions, special effects on Google Drive (Online)
・Deadline: 45 days after the receipt date of the plot
・Payment: 55 days after the end of the delivery month
・Title: One of the following titles („Liebe in Flammen„, New Titel „Eine unerwartete Liebe“)

If you are interested in this job, please send us your resume (CV) at first. We speak English and Japanese.

Contact: info[at]
Accela,Inc. Masaru Horiuchi
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Nebenjob im Bereich Marktforschung

Wir haben ein Angebot für einen Nebenjob im Bereich Marktforschung erhalten, das wir hiermit weiterleiten. Es werden Japanisch sprechende Freelancer gesucht.

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share an opportunity with everyone for some freelance work. I moved to Germany about 4 years ago now, and I remember how difficult it was to earn money. I did not know anyone here, and didn’t speak German. After working a few jobs I found AMR Market Research in Dusseldorf. I was able to work in my native language, earn some good money to live and travel with, and didn’t need to know German (but seriously learn German, it is an invaluable language). Skip ahead 4 years to now, and I am still at AMR and I want to share this opportunity with all of you. Working times are flexible (Freelance), we are always in need of foreign languages, and you get to be your own boss. Plus you will be meet other expats and surely make new friends, as I did.

Interested? Apply here, or email me at Brett.gathje[at] We are currently in need of Japanese speakers for an upcoming project!

Brett Gathje
Field Director
AMR – Advanced Market Research GmbH
Poststr. 7 – 40213 Düsseldorf – Germany
Phone +49 (0) 211 – 86587 – 0 (ext. – 41)