Job bei JETRO in Düsseldorf

Die japanische staatliche Organisation JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) sucht ab Mitte September eine/n Mitarbeiter/rin (Junior Researcher)  für die Filiale in Duesseldorf. Hier das Angebot:

Department: Market Information and Research/Administration

1. Job Objective
The job responsibilities consist of three pillars, Research, project coordination of Japanese Food promotion projects as well as assistance to administrative work.

(1) Research
In order to serve information demand from Japanese companies or the Japanese government, conducting relevant research on business information about Germany and the EU and to report the results. (Both desk-top research and interviews) The research outputs will be used to serve Japanese companies’ information needs for German/European business activities. Some of the research output is to be published on JETRO’s website or relevant media. The other research output will be used for internal references for JETRO Duesseldorf, JETRO Tokyo Headquarters, and Japanese Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry.

(2) Japanese Food promotion project coordination
One of the most import tasks of JETRO Duesseldorf is to promote Japanese food in Germany, and boost export of Japanese agricultural and food products to Germany. The job objective includes necessary arrangement for effective and smooth project organization.

(3)Administrative Work
To assist required documentation and related work.

2. Responsibilities

(1) Research
Article writing Through desk-top research, writing articles in Japanese (JETRO Daily News). If necessary, Interview to relevant person should be organized. JETRO Daily News is available both on JETRO website and mail magazine with some 10,000 readers of Japanese management and business persons. (Proofreading by Japanese native editors available) Priority Areas: (Subject to change depending on economical/political demand) – Internet of Things Development update regarding “Industrie 4.0” initiative / promotion policies of German governments, and business associations Identification and Introduction of Leading practice of German Mittelstand /SMEs introducing/realising “Industrie 4.0” – Competitor Research To watch and report Asian competitors’ business development in Germany as well as German competitors’ business development in Asia – Start-ups Identification and Introduction of Leading practice of German Start-ups

(2) Research
Information collection, provision and related assistance In order to receive visit /delegation of Japanese companies, conducting preparation and research regarding relevant information such as market size and regulations. In cooperation with JETRO Dusseldorf’s directors, providing lectures/presentations to guests.

(3) Japanese Food promotion project coordination
Assistance to Booth organization/management at a trade fair and other biz-match/promotion event organization Plan and implementation of efficient strategies for customer acquisition for Japanese Food companies under JETRO Dusseldorf’s director’s supervision

(4) Seminar planning and management
In order to serve customers’ needs, to plan seminars with JETRO Dusseldorf Directors and make necessary arrangements for hosting one, such as venue booking, flight arrangement of lecturers . Seminar themes include EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and emerging markets in the third countries (Africa, Middle East, Easter Europe)

(5) Administrative Work
To provide assistance to administrative work for JETRO Dusseldorf’s office management, such as documentation as well as other necessary arrangement support.

Gewünschte Fähigkeiten
・Business German, Business English, and Business Japanese (both written and spoken)
・Aggressive earning attitude toward politics, and economics
・Intercultural communication skills
・Excellent Team player
・MS Office knowledge

Erforderliche Sprachkenntnisse
・Business German, Business English, and Business Japanese (both written and spoken)

JETRO Duesseldorf (Immermannstr. 65 c, 40210, Duesseldorf)
Ryo Koba (木場 亮)
Tel. 0211 13 60 20
Email: Ryo_Koba [ at ]

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