Hotel-Jobs in Japan

Achtung: Die Bewerbungsfrist für dieses Angebot wurde verlängert – Sie können Ihre Unterlagen noch bis Freitag, 11. November, einreichen.

Uns hat ein Angebot von Daiwa Resort erreicht, das sich sowohl an Berufseinsteiger als auch an Personen mit ersten Berufserfahrungen richtet. Hier die Ausschreibung:

Daiwa Resort, a part of Daiwa House Group, is a resort hotel company operating 28 hotels throughout Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Most of our hotels are located in stunning countryside and allow guests to enjoy provincial tourist sites, local cuisine and hot spring baths. Each hotel is designed with its own unique concept that is reflected in the rooms, lobbies and reception areas, matching comfort with stylish interiors.

The job opening is for hotel staff to work in one of our 28 hotels in Japan. As the position will involve interacting with Japanese quests, we require candidates with conversational level Japanese ability or above. All degree backgrounds welcome. No previous work experience required. We are targeting candidates who will graduate from university between March 2015 and December 2017.


We are eager to hire candidates that fit the following:

  • You can demonstrate keen motivation and passion in every aspect of your job
  • You are sociable and enjoy interacting with other people
  • You want to develop your skills and individuality in a resort location
  • You like hotels and travel
  • You are interested in “Daiwa Resort” and “Daiwa Royal Hotels”

Starting Salary (*may vary due to work location):

  • < University / graduate school graduates > 
¥151,500 JPY ~ ¥169,000 JPY monthly
  • < Vocational college / junior college graduates >
 ¥145,500 JPY ~ ¥163,000 JPY monthly
  • Note: Company housing / dormitories provided for ¥5,000 JPY ~ ¥10,000 JPY per month

Work Location: 

Japan (one of our 28 resort hotels)

Position Includes:

  • Overtime pay (regular overtime / late night overtime), commuter allowance, family allowance (spouse / children), promotional pay rise, qualification acquisition system
  • Company housing / dormitories provided
  • Shorter working hours
  • Maternity / parental leave
  • Social insurance / health insurance and welfare pension (health insurance union of Daiwa House Group), employment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, group insurance benefits

Salary Increase: 

Once per year (April)
, Assessed in accordance with performance levels during the given time period


 Twice per year (July / December)

Application Details:

Send your resume (CV) to the address below by the deadline. Please ensure your resume includes your contact telephone number and email address.
Email –
Deadline – Friday 28th October 2016

Successful applicants in the UK or France will be invited to take part in interviews in London on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November 2016. Successful applicants in other European countries will be invited to take part in interviews in Munich on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th November 2016. Travel scholarships of up to £200 or equivalent will be provided to help cover the costs of travel to the interviews. The sum of the travel scholarship provided will depend on your current location.

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