IT-Praktikum von zuhause aus

Die japanische Firma SHIFT sucht kurzfristig eine Praktikantin/einen Praktikanten im Bereich Computer Science. Das Praktikum kann von zuhause absolviert werden. Hier die Ausschreibung der Personalvermittlung:

Here is the link to know the details and to apply directly to the internship

Company profile = SHIFT specializes in software testing in numerous industries from finance, banks, medical, media, etc.

Student’s profile = Those who major in Computer Science or related major

Job description = Remote internship that you conduct in your country and report to the company on a weekly basis. Your primary task is to understand what SHIFT does and do a market research on your country that may relate to SHIFT’s business (web service, testing, new technology that might relate to shift’s new business potentials, etc.)

You will be assigned to do research and to report on the following:

  • – Testing
  • – (Big) Data
  • – Software (development)
  • – IT tools
  • – Any HR business related to the above
  • Date of starting = February 2015
  • Salary = Paid according to the German market (to be discussed with the company)
  • Duration = 6 weeks minimum (until 12 weeks)
  • Deadline for application = January 19th, 2015
  • Location = Place of your convenience

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