Workshop: Conditionals, Counterfactuals and Causes in Uncertain Environments

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Date: May 19th to May 22nd

Place: Faculty of Philosophy, Building: 23.21, Room: 00.46a

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Organizers: Gerhard Schurz, Matthias Unterhuber, and Paul Thorn

The workshop focuses on semantic modeling of uncertainty in conditional and counterfactual reasoning. It shall bring together new and fruitful approaches to the logics, philosophy and psychology of indicative, counterfactual and causal conditionals.

Participants include: Horacio Arló-Costa (Pittsburgh), Sarah Beck (Birmingham), Igor Douven (Groningen), Dorothy Edgington (Oxford), Christian Fermüller (Vienna), Angelo Gilio (Rome), James Hawthorne (Oklahoma), Gernot Kleiter (Salzburg) Markus Knauff (Giessen), Hannes Leitgeb (Munich), David Makinson (London), David Over (Durham), Josef Perner (Salzburg), Niki Pfeifer (Munich), Eva Rafetseder (Salzburg), Gerhard Schurz (Duesseldorf), Wolfgang Spohn (Konstanz), Paul Thorn (Duesseldorf), Matthias Unterhuber (Duesseldorf).

Guests are welcome!

Persons interested in attending the workshop should register by email, by contacting Matthias Unterhuber at unterhuberphil.uni-duesseldorfde.


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Friday, 20th:

  • 16.10-17.05 Horacio Arló-Costa (Pittsburgh) 'Indicative Conditionals and Conditional Bets'
  • 17.15-18.10 Paul Thorn & Gerhard Schurz (Duesseldorf) 'Logico-Probabilistic Reasoning Systems: Logical Investigation and Simulation Based Analysis' (Slides SchurzSlides Thorn)


Saturday, 21st:

  • 10.20-11.15 Matthias Unterhuber & Gerhard Schurz (Duesseldorf) 'Why Probabilism and even Bayesianism Needs Objective and Evidential Probabilities: Logic and Psychology' (Slides SchurzSlides Unterhuber)

  • 16.10-17.05 Dorothy Edgington (Oxford) 'Conditionals, Causation and Decision'


Sunday 22nd:

  • 11.25-12.20 Markus Knauff (Giessen) 'Human Belief Revision'
  • 12.35-13.30 Open Slot

Note: Speakers have 40 minutes to present and another 15 minutes for discussion.

The workshop is organized as part of the ESF LogiCCC program ( in collaboration with the LogiCCC programs LoMoReVi and CFSC. It is financially supported by the LogiCCC EUROCORES program of the ESF (European Science Foundation) and DFG (German Research Association).