Medieval Studies on the world wide web

  • AnglistikGuide | University Library Göttingen: Anglistik Guide, the subject gateway to scholarly relevant Internet resources on Anglo-American language and literature
  • EAWC | Exploring Ancient World Cultures. University of Evansville page on historical facts about Medieval Europe - and a Medieval History Quiz!
  • Kansas Hist | Kansas History Dept.: links to medieval sites all over the world, all subjects
  • Intute | An Oxford gateway to medieval studies; connects to almost all medieval fields
  • Iter | Gateway to the Midle Ages and Renaissance (University of Toronto)
  • Netserf | The Internet Connection for medieval resources: excellent page, always up-to-date
  • Medglossary | Hypertext Medieval Glossary - all the words you need when talking about the Middle Ages
  • Labyrinth | The ‘must’ for any medievalist; it will lead you almost anywhere in the medieval world
  • HEAnet | Ireland’s National Education and research network - Arts & Humanities: Links to history, literature, language, art, music and more
  • Mediävistik |T he Essen connection to the medieval world
  • MedStud | Medieval Studies at Georgetown University
  • ORB | The Online Resource Book for medieval studies, indispensable
  • SHUTTLE | The Voice of the Shuttle: Medieval and Renaissance gateway
  • EuroDocs | Medieval & Renaissance Europe: Primary Historical Documents
  • Sourcebook | Paul Halsall’s links to the medieval world
  • OnlineBooks | Index of online books freely readable on the Internet
  • UBvirtuell | University of Düsseldorf Virtual Library
  • Chaucer | The Chaucer MetaPage of Joseph Wittig, with links to Chaucer sites
  • Sources | A selection of websites that are highly useful for medievalists
  • LitEncycloepedia | A global literary reference work written by over 1400 specialists from universities around the world, that currently provides over 3700 authoritative profiles of authors, works and literary and historical topics
  • Virtual Oxford | A virtual tour of Oxford with many links to Colleges and Museums 


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