Unit 8: 1066 And All That
Review Questions

Give answers to the following questions
(if you are unable to do so, review the relevant paragraphs of unit 8)
(You can select (CTRL+A) and copy (CTRL+C) the whole page and paste (CTRL+V) it into WORD)

  1. Who were the main contenders for the English throne after Edward the Confessor died on 6 January 1066?

  2. Name reasons why the Norman Conquest is such an important date in English history.

  3. What is 'The Doomsday Book'?

  4. Why is the reign of King Stephen sometimes called 'anarchy'?

  5. Which territories formed part of Henry II's dominion?

  6. What do you remember about the life and career of Thomas Becket?

  7. Why is the Magna Charta considered to be a cornerstone of the English constitution?

  8. Explain the term 'friar'.

  9. What were the social consequences of the 'Black Death'?

  10. Give a survey of the course of the 100 Years' War.

  11. Who fought against whom in the Wars of the Roses?

  12. Give a list of the kings of England from 1066 to 1485?